Replace. Restore. Rebuild.

Vote Steven Vincent for Senate District 45 on November 14th.

Oklahoma is in Crisis.


Steven Vincent has spent over a decade as a first responder. He has taken over 100,000 calls from Oklahomans in crisis. He recognizes and responds to emergency situations by identifying the problem and then allocating the best resources to respond and address the issue. Oklahoma needs a cool head and steady hand to address the issues we face as a state. Most of these problems have been self inflicted by a political majority that has forgotten who they serve. 

If you have had enough crisis, corruption, and failure, isn't it time to hold the party in power responsible and let them know that their inability to lead is reason enough to chose a different path? We can keep electing people who serve lobbyists and special interests, or we can elect a working class lifelong Oklahoman who will serve the people, not special interests.

Steven has a plan: REPLACE the party in power. RESTORE the revenue that has been lost to tax cuts and giveaways to special interests. REBUILD our schools, infrastructure, and public services.

Elect Steven Vincent on November 14th.

He will fight for you.