About Steven Vincent

Steven was born at St. Anthony's hospital in Oklahoma City in 1966, went to school at NW Classen, Central State University, and OSU, served honorably in the Army National Guard 45th Infantry Brigade in Edmond and in the small town of Maud, Oklahoma as a reserve police officer. He has spent the last ten years as a dispatcher for the Oklahoma City Police Department where he has taken over 100,000 calls from Oklahomans in crisis. Steven was working when devastating tornadoes struck our state on May 20, 2013. That day was chaotic and tragic but he was proud to be part of the team of hundreds of first responders who came to the aid of Oklahomans in need, working together and reaffirming the Oklahoma Standard.

Steven is as Oklahoman and working class as they come. He started his first job when he was 15 years old at Del Rancho, and has been working hard every since. He is a father with kids in public schools, a husband with a wife who is a crime scene investigator for OCPD, an honorably discharged veteran, a reserve police officer, and a 911 dispatcher with over a decade of service to the citizens of Oklahoma City.

One of Steven's Oklahoma heroes is Will Rogers. Will said, "I am not a member of any organized party, I am a Democrat." That is still true today. Steven is proud to be from this state. Proud of the wonderful people that live here and proud of the Oklahoma Standard.

Through trials and tragedies, Oklahomans have proved their honor, service, and sacrifice to our fellow citizens. Steven hopes to carry on that tradition as your next state senator.