Steven's Endorsements



Oklahoma Retired Educators Association

Steven Vincent proudly accepts the endorsement of the Oklahoma Retired Educators Association. They know he will support and fight for teachers and the organizations that fight for them!


Oklahoma City Retired Firefighters Association 

The Oklahoma Retired Firefighter's Association proudly endorses Steven Vincent for State Senate. Steven has been a first responder for over a decade and, during that time, has worked alongside Oklahoma City Firefighters in the Emergency Communications Center. Steven respects and supports the difficult job of those who work to protect and serve others. He fully supports our retired firefighters and will fight for them to receive fair compensation in retirement for fulfilling their contract to serve the citizens of Oklahoma.

President George Fina



Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee

As a retired Marine, Vietnam era Veteran, and President of the Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee, I am proud to endorse and support fellow Veteran, Steven Vincent, for Oklahoma State Senate. Steven will represent Oklahoma Veterans and fight hard for them and their issues. Steven, like me and every other military Veteran, took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and will carry and honor that oath as State Senator for District 45. Steven has the endorsement of me individually and the entire Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee.

Semper Fi

CPL. John Pettyjohn, USMC (Retired)
President Oklahoma Democratic Veterans Committee
Vietnam era Veteran
Honorary Member, Oklahoma Chosen Few
Honorary Member, Oklahoma Korean Veterans


shannon nealy

I highly recommend Steven Vincent for Senate. I met him on our first day at the Emergency Communications Center over 10 years ago. I have witnessed him evolve as a leader while supervising at 911. He has a servant's heart and is the first to volunteer to serve those he represents and will do any job, big or small. He is articulate, intelligent, and kind. He is passionate about Oklahoma and serving Oklahomans. He was born and raised here and has been a model citizen. Steve and his servant heart are what Oklahoma needs.I am honored to endorse Steven Vincent for Oklahoma Senate, District 45.

The Cleveland County Democratic Party

The Cleveland County Democratic Party officially endorses Steven Vincent as the Democratic candidate and we will give him our full support in the race for SD 45. We hope our fellow Democrats across the region will do the same. 

In solidarity, 

Krystal Golding-Ross, Chair
Kathy Rothfusz, Secretary

Cleveland County Democratic Party

Oklahoma County Democratic Party

The character of candidates filing for office under the Democratic banner in Oklahoma County is an issue we take very seriously. In light of revelations of a history of domestic violence by Noah Ynclan, we categorically denounce his candidacy for Senate District 45. His conduct is the antithesis of the core values for which we stand.
We are extremely proud of our Democratic candidate, Steven Vincent, who has spent a lifetime in service to others and is passionate about finding solutions to the many dire problems Oklahoma families are facing today.
We urge voters to practice due diligence and thoroughly investigate the backgrounds of both candidates for Senate District 45.


Jesse Jackson, Chair
Jane Anderson, Vice Chair
BC Phillips, Secretary

The Fifth Congressional District of the Oklahoma Democratic Party

The Fifth Congressional District of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, comprised of Oklahoma, Pottawatomie, and Seminole counties, stands united in its endorsement of Steven Vincent for Senate District 45.

We strongly encourage Democrats in CD5 to volunteer for Steven Vincent’s campaign.


Nadine Gallagher, Chair
Wyatt McGuire, Vice Chair
Ashley Atashi, Secretary

Fifth District Democratic Party