Steven on the Issues

If you have had enough crisis, corruption, and failure, isn't it time to hold the party in power responsible and let them know that their inability to lead is reason enough to chose a different path? We can keep electing people who serve lobbyists and special interests, or we can elect a working class lifelong Oklahoman who will serve the people, not special interests. Steven knows that we need to REPLACE the party in power and RESTORE the revenue that has been lost to special interest tax cuts and giveaways. Once we have, the legislature can work to to REBUILD education, public safety, and the infrastructure we need to have strong communities.


budget crisis

Revenue failure is leadership failure.

The state of Oklahoma is facing yet another massive budget failure ($870 million dollar shortfall). The inability of the house, senate, and governor to pass any legislation to address these billion dollars overdrafts is unacceptable.


public education

I am the product of an Oklahoma public education. I went to high school at Northwest Classen in Oklahoma City. My children go to Oklahoma City public schools. I am very supportive of a vibrant and well funded public education system. Oklahoma is rapidly in danger of having neither. 


public safety

Public safety is an important issue to me. I have worked for the Oklahoma City Police Department for over ten years. I have witnessed firsthand the impact on our communities when budget cuts affect the ability of law enforcement to have necessary manpower.