Oklahoma continues to fall behind

The 2016 Census data tells many Oklahomans what we already know--Oklahoma is falling behind in terms of income and access to health care. Last year, the national poverty rate fell, while Oklahoma's rose. At the same time, the national rate of people without medical insurance fell, while Oklahoma's rate stayed flat. What does this mean? It means more Oklahomans are having trouble making ends meet. It means that when Oklahomans get sick, their less likely than people in other states to get the care they need.

What's causing this pattern? It's not just the recession. Even in economic booms, our state lags behind national averages. We need to have state leadership, especially in the legislature, that prioritizes the well-being of Oklahomans over the enrichment of special interests. We need to invest in what drives economic progress--an educated workforce and strong, livable communities. The policies of the party in power have failed us. It's time to vote for legislators who will fight for YOU!