Oklahoma Voter Registration Information

If you need to register to vote for the first time or update for voter information, your voter registration form must be received by the Oklahoma Election Board by October 20. If you turn 18 before the election, you are able to register to vote NOW, even if your birthday is after the registration change cut-off.

How do I register?

You have until October 20 to register or update your voting information for the November 14, 2017, election.

There are several ways you can register or update your registration information. Find the one that works best for you!

Please note: You CANNOT register to vote online in Oklahoma.

  1. Download the Voter Registration application and mail it/deliver it to the election board address printed on the form.
  2. Go to one of the following locations to complete a pre-printed registration application (they will collect them, too!):
    1. Your County Election Board
    2. The State Election Board
    3. Any Tag Agency
  3. Contact us, and a member of the campaign will help!

Click here for detailed information about registering to vote and updating your voting information.